What Our Clients Are Saying!

Tri Right Coaching prides itself in providing top-notch services to all of our clients and in going above and beyond expectation. Read what some of our satisfied clients have said about us!

“From the very beginning MJ believed in me more than I believed in myself.”

“She has helped me gain the confidence of feeling like an athlete. Her workouts have helped me take my performance to the next level. They are challenging, but at the same time creative and fun. In a short time, my times have improved tremendously overall. I am more efficient in my swim, I am stronger on my bike, and what used to be my fast run, is now my warm up. I truly am amazed at the results that I have gotten with MJ’s coaching. She knows how to get you on the “right” foot and on has you “tri” in the “right” direction.” — Melissa

“MJ is a great coach!”

“She is extremely knowledgeable and effective.  As a first-time triathlete, the swim is no longer my ‘weak leg.’  I’m swimming more comfortably and with greater confidence.” — Dennis S.

“MJ has an impressively unique coaching style”

“She developed a triathlon training plan for me that is aggressive yet realistic given my other life and professional commitments. She prepared a customized program commensurate with my current ability, future goals, individual strengths and weaknesses and yes-even my periodic injuries. You may say that many coaches provide a service like this—but NONE  of the other Chicago Area Triathlon Coaches do so with the passion for the sport and for your success. What impacts me the most is that MJ believes in her athletes—sometimes more than we believe in ourselves. Who wouldn’t excel under a coach like that?” — Mel N.

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“Dedication and Commitment”

“MJ has been instrumental in helping with my triathlon training and racing. Her dedication and commitment to her athletes is unrivaled and she truly understands what it takes to make my training balance with the rest of my life.” — Anna S.

Spend just five minutes talking to MJ and her passion for the sport of triathlon will be obvious. She lives and breathes the sport.

“When I first met MJ I had done some training, even flailed through a couple triathlon swim courses, but my swim technique was mediocre at best. After a few weeks of training with MJ that all began change. My swim technique improved dramatically, my times dropped and my training partners started to notice. MJ is not just an extremely proficient coach. She also possesses the instinct to hone in on what each individual needs most to be motivated and improve. Through MJ’s coaching I have gained not only the technique to drop minutes off my Half IM swim but the confidence to tackle even longer distances.” — Mike B.

“Swim training with MJ helped me improve my 100 yard swims by 10 seconds and my 1mile swims by 3 minutes!”

“I have increased confidence in my open water swims and am looking forward to my next triathlon!” — Tom F.

“Tri Right clinics and individual lessons together with the Masters swim has helped me, Take a full 5 minutes off my half ironman swim on my way to a PR and more…”

“I have been racing triathlon for about 10 years. During that time I have had many age group wins and placings and well as some podium finishes and have raced at every distance. I have also ALWAYS “struggled” with my swim. When I say “struggled”- I was not in the back of the swim pack, but was consistently in the middle to back of the middle and had to work my tail off to chase people down. Last year I decided to register for Ironman Wisconsin 2013. When I made that decision I also realized I needed some swim help- not to complete the swim…I knew I could complete it- but to not be totally exhausted at the end of the swim. I was also hoping that in addition to improving technique, my times would come down. Enter Tri Right and MJ Gasik.

I attended a swim clinic put on by Tri Right (GREAT deal for personalized coaching and a DVD with breakdown) and felt I was headed in the right direction. After that, I decided to buy a pack of 5 lessons from MJ. I knew her from the area- both as the leader and owner of Tri Right as well as her accomplishments as a triathlete. She seemed like a great fit for me. At the first lesson we worked on some technique, videotaped, and performed a 100 yd. time trial. My time for this was around 1:46. That really didn’t mean much to me. I’m a self-taught very average swimmer and had never timed myself doing anything other than waiting to be done with my swim workout. Just 40 days later at lesson 2 we did the time trial again. This time, I was around 1:35. Again, I didn’t know what this meant, but MJ’s smile told me it was pretty good. She asked what my goal for IMWI was- I said to her, “top 10 AG”. Her response was — have you thought of Kona? Fast forward a month to lesson 3. My time came down again. More recently, at a Masters workout I swam a 1:21 100 in the middle of the workout. 

Tri Right clinics and individual lessons together with the Masters swim has helped me:

  • Take a full 5 minutes off my half ironman swim on my way to a PR 
  • Take 1:30 off a sprint tri swim on my way to another course PR
  • Swim a 1:20 at IMWI in choppy conditions (and me not quite prepared for the full contact 2.4 miles)
  • Qualified for and accepted my slot for KONA 2014

I have recommended Tri Right coaching to many athletes since my first experience with them last year. The individual coaching and Masters swim have been invaluable tools in my racing success this year – I wish I would have done this years ago. ” — Kristen H.

Tri Right Coaching believes that proper training is different for each athlete.

Ideal training is a combination of art and science. It’s finding that right combination to bring out the best in each athlete that makes Tri Right Coaching unique.

Are You Ready To Realize your Potential?

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About MJ and Tri Right Coaching

MJ Gasik has been competing in the sport of triathlon for ten years and has completed 12 Ironman distance races including the World Championships in Kona, HI. MJ is a USAT Certified Coach, ASCA Level II Certified Swim Coach and is the founder and owner of Tri Right Masters Swim Team and Tri Right Coaching.