TriRight Coaching is dedicated to helping athletes improve in the disciplines of swim, bike and run.

Whether you’re looking to do your first triathlon, finish at the top of your age group, or just looking to improve in the areas of swim, bike or run, we can help. We provide smart triathlon training to fit the balance of your life. 

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“MJ has been instrumental in helping with my triathlon training and racing.  Her dedication and commitment to her athletes is unrivaled and she truly understands what it takes to make my training balance with the rest of my life.” — Anna S.


Masters Swim

Swimming is a very technique-oriented sport. Let our experienced swim coaches provide you a workout in a supportive group session where you will receive immediate feedback during workouts to help you be a stronger, faster swimmer. Send us an email to join us one week for free!


“MJ is a great coach!  She is extremely knowledgeable and effective.  As a first-time triathlete, the swim is no longer my “weak leg.”  I’m swimming more comfortably and with greater confidence.” — Dennis S 


Team Tri Right 

Established in 2009, Team Tri Right is the premiere triathlon team in the Chicagoland area. Join our team for just $60 per year and get a variety of organized workouts, team races, educational clinics, access to our sponsor freebies and discounts, exclusive, private Facebook page to ask all types of questions and get information and experience triathlon with a group of friendly, supportive athletes.  Join Now.


Adult Swim Lessons

All of us can afford to improve our swimming. Tri Right Coaching offers one-on-one swim lessons specifically for adults. Each lesson comes with a customized workout for you to practice on your own to help you to become a faster, more efficient swimmer. Though you don’t have to be the fastest swimmer to complete a triathlon, it does help to be efficient and you do need to finish the swim in order to move on to the bike and run portions of the race. Even if you are not interested in triathlon, but are just looking to become a better swimmer, we can help. Contact us now to schedule your first lesson!

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CompuTrainer classes

Becoming a stronger, more powerful cyclist is one of the easiest, quickest ways for you to improve on your triathlon times. Tri Right Coaching’s state-of-the-art CompuTrainer studio offers 8 trainer stations, six flat screen televisions, men’s and women’s changing room and FREE bike storage for anyone coming to classes on a regular basis. Come find out why training with power will change the way you ride and take your cycling to a whole new level. Contact us now to schedule your first class for free!